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Phill Osler

Phill Osler is a seasoned Estimator, Earthmoving and Construction Professional with 43+ years of experience. Phill’s experience has come from hands-on experience as an Owner, Contractor, Consultant and County Government Manager. His broad knowledge and understanding are results from taking part in numerous industries such as Oil and Gas Development, Agribusiness, Heavy Highway Construction, Commercial and Residential Development.

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His company is Osler Group, LLC and is based upon his values of Honesty, Loyalty and Integrity. He delivers with Passion, Precision and Performance on the services he offers. Phill provides contractors looking for a seasoned, knowledgeable Civil Construction Professional to help Estimate, Market and Organize that portion of their business so often overlooked. Phill takes on the details of finding the work, promoting your company services and forming a thorough, competitive estimate and proposal with strategies and methods necessary for cost-effective results. He helps the contractor that is growing but not quite ready or able to bring on a full-time estimator, yet still needs to ‘stay in front’ of the work to generate consistent revenue. Phill thoroughly understands the demands and expectations placed on the present-day Contractor and Developer. His innate understanding helps him to effectively market and support his clients’ services and products for the best outcome and profits. His strengths for analyzing and providing innovative, practical, cost-effective solutions give contractors confidence and ability to stay in the field to manage other important aspects of their operations knowing they are being professionally represented and promoted for the next opportunity.